On this page, you can find a list of clients which I worked with as a developer or consultant, as well as projects I cooperated in the past and gave a significant contribution.

* many of the companies I work with, require a NDA (non disclosure agreement) and of course are not listed, because I always respect the customer's privacy.


A multi-vendor, high-volume e-commerce store based on WooCommerce.

Expertise: full back-end implementation / 3rd parties API integrations

When: 2016 / current

Link: https://www.olalla.it/


Official "Poliba" website based on Drupal.

Expertise: consultation on custom PHP implementations

When: 2015

Link: https://www.poliba.it/


An e-commerce store inspired by makers and based on WooCommerce.

Expertise: custom WooCommerce implementations (additional API entpoints, quotation module, automation improvements)

When: 2019 / current

Link: https://ooznest.co.uk/


Highly customized WooCommerce store, fully integrated with 3rd parties marketplaces (Amazon, Indiegogo) and shipping providers.

Expertise: PHP implementations to create a centralized multi-channel management platfrom for orders, inventory, items shipping and customer notifications

When: 2018 / current

Link: https://ausker.com/

Assisted Living Center

WordPress business directory based on Listify theme.

Expertise: specific front-end / back-end implementations including technical SEO improvements, AMPs (accellerated mobile pages), additional data for the listings, API integrations

When: 2018 / current

Link: https://www.assistedlivingcenter.com/


Corporate website for MOCA Interactive.

Expertise: front-end development based on provided designs

When: 2018

Link: https://mocainteractive.com/

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

Official ADJD website.

Expertise: Technical SEO consultation

When: 2015

Link: https://www.adjd.gov.ae/

*updated on 15.04.2020